Our Mission:

"The Caribbean News Network (CANNTV) exists to provide news and current affairs content from and about the Caribbean".

To date, the full depth and breadth of the Caribbean has been under reported. The Caribbean community is not homogenous. It is diverse, complex and multilayered; and a rich and variegated tale comprised of unique, individual islands with individual stories.


Until March 2011, for Caribbean nationals living in the diaspora the BBC’s Caribbean Service was the main medium for what was happening in the region. Its cessation, as part of the BBC’s budgetary cuts left a vacuum for a pan-Caribbean news service for nationals in the diasporas who are eager for a taste of home.

The Caribbean News Network (CANNTV) is about connecting the Caribbean communities all over the world and enhancing the region’s international position.

CANNTV is a modern proposition for the 21st Century. A news channel broadcasting online, it is the new way to access news from the region through a single portal.