The power of cuisine is one of the biggest draw cards for vacationers worldwide and is no less so for those visiting the Caribbean.

Attracted by the white sandy beaches, azure sea, lively culture and balmy weather, the cluster of islands is a dream holiday destination for millions and sampling the food on offer, a journey in itself. 

For many, the first taste of Caribbean food is had on holiday and on returning home, they look to relive the experience by visiting a Caribbean restaurant or Take-Away.

A blend of African, Amerindian, European, East Indian, Arab and Chinese influences,  in a recent survey, Caribbean food recently topped a list of the types of food British diners want to see more of on menus.

There has been a new boom of Caribbean eateries on the streets of the UK, appealing not only to the Caribbean community, looking for “what their grandma used to make”, but to other communities for whom holidays in the Caribbean or events such as the Notting Hill Carnival have raised their awareness of Caribbean foods.

The Caribbean Restaurant and Take-Away Awards (CARAT) celebrates the best of Caribbean food, allowing the patrons of both types of establishments the opportunity to not only vote with the feet, but with their pens to nominate their favourite independent restaurant or take-away.

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