PM says his administration supports agriculture

March 27, 2016

Prime Minister Dean Barrow says that opposition criticism of his administration's agricultural policy is unfair based on the many factors which are completely out of government’s control. Additionally, he states that any claim that his administration has neglected the agro-productive sector is untrue, since it is this administration which has done the most for stakeholders in that sector.








Belize to host Caribbean Growth Forum meeting

March 27, 2016

Representatives from 14 Caribbean countries will come together in Belize City to take stock of key lessons learned from the 100 reform actions implemented through the Caribbean Growth Forum, and announce a communiqué to move forward on their pro-growth agenda.


"Belize is proud to host this meeting. This is an extraordinary opportunity for Caribbean nations to build on the results achieved so far by the Caribbean Growth Forum and enhance the competitiveness of our respective countries,” said Tracy Panton, minister of state – ministry of economic development, petroleum, investment, trade and commerce, government of Belize.

During the meeting, countries will discuss and agree on how to create result based roadmaps to accelerate reforms and help track the implementation of actions linked to these reforms in the areas of investment climate, skills and productivity, and logistics and connectivity.

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