Opposition BLP to file 'no confidence' motion in the government

April 07, 2016

The main opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) has announced plans to file a motion of no confidence in the Freundel Stuart administration.


Opposition Leader Mia Mottley told a news conference that over the past 13 weeks, the country has been on auto pilot “lurching from crisis to crisis.


“We cannot have a government by stealth, a government by rumour and a government by anonymity,” Mottley said, adding that this all adds up to “no government at all”.


She told reports that there was a “culture of silence” within the government “which is unacceptable given the dire state of affairs in the country today”.


Mottley said that the BLP met on Thursday night “against the background of 13 weeks of Barbados lurching from crisis to crisis and the continued suffering of Barbadians and we passed and agreed that we would next week file a motion of no confidence in the government of Barbados.


She said that the BLP does not believe that “Barbados can continue to coast, or indeed drift for another 22 months on a platform of indifference, incompetence and indeed corruption. “And to that extend Barbadians need to be given the facts. This motion of no confidence is not about having the parliamentary majority because we clearly do not have the parliamentary majority, but it is about bringing the facts to the people of the country because Barbadians deserve the right to be able to determine their future and their destiny,” she added.


Barbados to address domestic violence

March 16, 2016

The ‘None for Three’ project aimed at preventing domestic violence was launched in Barbados this week.


EU Ambassador to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Mikael Barfod, said although policy and legislative reform is ongoing, domestic violence is widely recognised as a persistent challenge. 


Barford stated that on average, more than one in three women and girls in the Caribbean will experience either physical or sexual abuse -or both - in their lifetime.

Former PM criticises Barbados Central Bank

March 16, 2016

Former Prime Minister, Owen Arthur has cast scorn on what he describes as the Central Bank’s “vandalism”.


Contributing to the 2016-2017 Estimates of Expenditure and Revenue debate, he questioned if Government was making the best decisions for the Barbadian people based on the best information coming from the bank.


Arthur, the MP for St Peter, claimed that the Central Bank was charting Barbados on a course of instability by appeasing Government’s access to printed money to finance its operations.


“I say to this House and I am not speaking to cause any panic, but our foreign exchange reserves have fallen by half a billion dollars over the course of the last few years; this is not the time for the Central Bank of Barbados to be printing money to finance a Government’s deficit,” he said.

Ex-Liverpool stars provide coaching tips

March 16, 2016

Over two dozen schoolchildren from Belmont Primary and St Giles’ Primary have received coaching tips from former Liverpool footballers Ian Rush and John Aldridge.


The two former strikers took the youngsters through a number of drills at the Blenheim playing field before the lads played a full field match, with Rush showing that he still had the skills and stamina to take on the youth in tackling and passing.


Rush, 54, is a retired Welsh professional footballer. At club level, he played for Liverpool Football Club from 1980-1987 and 1988-1996, and is the club’s all-time leading goalscorer with 346 goals in all competitions during his two spells at the club.

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