IMS Consulting and Sterling Capital are both Subsidiaries of I.M.S HOLDING GROUP LTD.
Our mission is to add real value to our clients Business' by implementing tailored Consulting Solutions devloped by our leading industry proffessionals. 

We specialise in; Buiness Analysis, Marketing Strategy, Website/Logo Development and Outsourcing Recruitment.


All clients are automatically enitiled to a FREE 1 HOUR CONSULTATION, this will allow us to familiarise ourselfs with eachother and build a personal understanding of your companies individual circumstances along with creating a suitable Project Scope.


Caribbean News Network (CANN TV) Testimonial:
"IMS Consulting have been working with us for over 7 months from; October 2015 - April 2016. They have been responsible for; helping us to build our brand awarness in the UK, Establish Social Media Marketing, Revamp our Website and Improve operating efficency by finding Intern and Island Representaitve Cadidates. They are the ideal solution for SME Business' from any industry background.



Movements for Change © is just that…A Movement for Change towards growth, transformation and self-love. At Movements for Change, we truly believe that with compassion and a non-judgmental listening ear, all of humanity is capable of evolving to their highest potential. We are here to assist in this journey towards unlayering and discovering the true self. Movements for Change is a community development organization driven by empowerment. It’s mission – to promote the growth, education and development of humanity through mediums of positive movements (action). It’s vision – to empower each individual, family and community in transforming into their optimum potential, their highest and truest form.


Flagz radio is an online website radio station, which specialises in playing soca music twenty four hours a day with no talk, having launched a brand new soca social network website, which allows the soca lovers to interact and speak to each other all over the world, whilst listening to the music of the Caribbean.

Trinidad, Barbados, Grenada, Antigua, SVG, UK, St Kitts, Guyana, St Lucia and Dominica are only a few of the countries and island's whose artists music, can be heard continuously playing to the enjoyment of the delighted listener.With updates of soca related news, from all over the caribbean and more, FLAGZ RADIO is poised to inform, update and entertain.